PHEROMONE TRAPS for Box Tree Caterpillar / Moth / Cydalima perspectalis

Box Tree Caterpillar Pheromone Traps for Sale

The cost is £33.00 per trap (+£3.00p&p) – See buy online option below

Each trap contains 4 ‘Lure’s’ that last for a period of 6 weeks / 4 Lures will last the season April – October

Each trap covers an area of 0.4h / just under an acre. We are suggesting that if Buxus (box) is in front and back of a property, you will need 2 traps.

Order UK – Includes Postage Order Europe – Includes Postage

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Pheromone Trap Refills (1 Pack contains 4 Lures)
Each lure lasts 5-6 weeks, so about one season for trapping the Box Moth
£16.50 + £1.50 delivery UK
£16.50 + £4.00 delivery Europe

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Too many box tree caterpillar traps apparently confuses the mail moth!!

The ‘Lure’s’ last for 6 months out of the fridge but in a cool store / 1 year in fridge / 2 years in freezer

If there is a problem and you can see evidence of the Box moth / caterpillar (Cydalima perspectalis), then you can purchase Bayer Provado from any garden shop, alternatively if you can ‘professionally’ spray, then Decis is recommended.

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