Welcome to Topiary Arts

The planting of Topiary has long been an element in garden design in small town gardens. It gives an evergreen structural framework that is strong enough to stand up to the surrounding walls and buildings, as well as being low maintenance and drought tolerant – an important factor to consider with global climate change.

Suitable plants for Topiary, as well as topiary that can be shaped into parterres, mazes, labyrinths, or simple hedging, cloud pruned hedging or wave hedging, that I find work well are: Box (Buxus), Yew (Taxus Baccata), Phillyrea Latifolia, Bay (Laurus Nobilis).

For stilt hedges and pleaching I like to use, Hornbeam (Carpinus), Lime (Tilia), Privet (Ligustrum Jonandrum), Snakebark maple, and Liquid amber (Acer), Cedar (Atlantica glauca) and Leyland Cyprus (cupressus llandii).